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#MyMagicalMoment - Share your memories with us !

Once more, the magical world is ready to welcome you. News related to JK Rowling's upcoming projects as well as those from the several studios and editors are revealed almost daily. Are you as excited as we are with the idea to experience again incredible moments we used to know in the past at every Harry Potter's event ? As for ourselves, in the Potternetwork's team, we can't wait anymore. Magic is far from being extinguished and you can prove it. Before the opening of our social network, we propose you a challenge. A challenge opened to the whole community : not only witches or wizards from the magical world but also muggles all around the world. 

What is this challenge ?

We appeal to your Potter's memories, as many as you can remember. These memories can be about a Harry potter's night, a Harry Potter's convention or even a Harry potter's movie Premiere. Tell us your best moments through a picture (or a video) with a notice with the hashtag #MyMagicalMoment on it. Share it on the social networks. Don't forget to mention us - @Potternetwork - so we can share it with the whole community. We will collect all the pictures and videos on the Potternetwork's blog as we go along until the opening!

Now it's your time to get involved - Spread the word.

Traduction: Justine.