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[EN] Alohomora #4: a project by fans, for fans

Article continues Alohomora #3 - We are at the end of our series of articles presenting you the main tools that allow you to go on an adventure into the magical world! With this last article, we will conclude on a big thank you!

Nearly three years of work !

Jérémy Peltier,
Développeur Potternetwork
et étudient Epitech

We are working independently of any project (recognized as official or unofficial) since the summer of 2012 to provide the best possible platform. In the coming weeks, we will be happy as the past two summers to introduce the latest version of Potternetwork !

Developping the tools we have outlined here has been long and difficult, especially during the exam period at the end of the year. But it would not have been possible without your patience and understanding. We know that the site has been closed for nearly six months and many of you were disappointed for this fast and temporary closure. This major update that will soon be online became essential for the development of the site and a waiting like this one should not happen again in the future. We learned from the failure of the first version but also and especially the success of the second to give you a final version that will be loved by many we're sure! Your patience is not the only driving force behind our work. We also wish to thank you for your support and suggestions made ​​since the beginning !

The adventure will continue with your support !
Maxime C.
Designer passionné
Initially, the project was important for a small group of fans. Then came Jeremy in the team and he has helped Maxime to make the concrete for the site. Then gradually, according to the ads, you were more likely to follow us and support us. The site certainly possess many defects from re-opening. But it is by your feedback that all your dreams will be realized following the updates that will come !

Are you ready for adventure ? We will announce the opening of the site right here soon !

Thank you for having followed the Alohomora numbers #1 to #4 ! Did you like this trip? Tell us in comments !