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[EN] Alohomora #3: A magical place to share with potterhead friends !

Following the article Alohomora # 2 - We have seen in the post #2 that all the projects of the Pottermania will be available in a few clicks through various tools that will be integrated progressively with the updates. The Potternetwork experience goes beyond the discovery: in this post we will explore the tools that allow you to communicate with your Potterhead friends !

Travel between the Muggle world and the wizarding world.

In an unofficial way, the Potternetwork allows you to access in a unique way from Muggle World to the Wizarding World. For this, a ticket (in partnership with the Ministry of Magic) will be mandatory. To qualify for this famous ticket that will give you permission to cross the magical streets and perhaps for the youngest to take the Hogwarts Express to school, you will be required to create an account Potternetwork (registration , connection, use and completely free without advertising). New stuff will be available upon registration.

+ New Alomora: now, usernames will be featured on the Potternetwork ! To offer you a quality site and protecting your privacy, usernames will now act as identity. However, account creation using the names of the characters (Harry Potter, Voldemort ...) remains prohibited under our post information available here (in French). The full names of users will however still displayed except in the case of foreseeable changes in future updates.

Discover, but also share !

With your access ticket to the magical world, you will have access to a fully customized profile according to your desires ! You can share your favorite links, your community projects ... This page is dedicated to you alone will somehow your "window" and allow you to share all your passion through videos, text ... or even GIFs if you want
+ Some of the features present in previous versions will not be available at the opening of the site. At the same time than preparations, we're already steckling updates to come. We can improve stuff according to your feedback. After all, it is your project !

Share, follow friends ... and go beyond.

The use of Potternetwork may vary among users (witches and wizards). Some potterheads will prefer to follow the news while others will prefer make some new friends. Although Potternetwork is primarily virtual, we hope that it will be a great tool for organizing events in the muggle world !

+ Some saw the Potternetwork arriving late (after the publication of the seventh volume or even the release of the last film of the wizard with those glasses). Despite this truth, we hope that the site will bring something more to all !

Share the adventure of Pottermore !

Picture: Pottermore.com
Pottermore (cf. unprecedented interactive experience based on the Harry Potter books and created by JK Rowling) helps to live by the words of JK Rowling the magic of this fantastic saga. Recently and thanks to the Prophet, the site has surprised us all with the announcement of new things to the point of becoming the subject relayed by the muggle media (to be discussed) ! Other surprises are expected and may be the cause of new conversations. Although we are not a linked site - and following the use of members - the Potternetwork could allow to lots of you to your discovery fo the site !

+ In accordance with the Terms of Pottermore and Potternetwork, any publication from the official interactive website, partial or full content (particularly text from JK Rowling) will be totally prohibited (except with permission of the Pottermore team). However, this rule does not prevent you from enjoying your adventure! Exchange usernames or screens are however allowed except for obstructing your privacy. If you have any questions regarding this item, do not hesitate to contact us on ASK (click here) !

No opening date for Potternetwork Version Alohomora was decided. We will tell you in a future post this information that you've all been waiting.

Projects have a relatively large part of the Potternetwork as we saw on the post Alohomora #2. But the most important part is the one that will be dedicated to you. The site will evolve with you, the way you use it and with your feedback. A lot of tools are at your disposal to make beautiful meetings. Others will surprise you and perhaps help you to spend quality time IRL with other fans!

The last article in our series is available! Click here (coming soon in English) !