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[EN] Alohomora #2: Magic communities

Continues Alohomora #1 - After we've told you the story of Potternetwork and have introduced in a few lines the choice of names that we give to our versions, as well as having explained the help you have given to us for the development of Potternetwork; we're introducing all the tools you'll get if you have a community (a website, a blog or other) !

Magic communities
Facebook (or more precisely the first social network for Muggles) has set up a few years after its launch strong brands of the site pages. These allow causes to communicate directly with people who are very interested in it. For example, Warner Bros. used to communicate the latest news about the muggles proposed a spin-off of the Harry Potter saga. Similarly, each magical case will also create their own community page! For example, it is possible to follow your favorite sites (Pottermag, the Prophet, Hogwarts Mag, Magical Events, Obscurus Presse Pottershow ...) directly on the Potternetwork ! These pages form the Communities Magic !
+ Coming soon: communication tools between the magical communities will be integrated over the next updates following the online version of the Potternetwork Alohomora. More information soon.

All Pottermania of the world accessible with one click.

All communities* will be accessible on a single page of all fans projects following criteria (Muggle Quidditch team news site ...).

+ This feature will be available at the opening of Potternetwork Alohomora.
* See end of the message.

The entire Harry Potter community reunited !

As predicted by earlier blog posts (as well as translations of these articles), the Potternetwork will be accessible worldwide!

Although the Francophone Pottermania will be honored at first (priority cradle of this magical place), the site will also be accessible to all English people ! Two languages ​​will therefore be available at the opening of Potternetwork Version Alohomora: French and English.

+ A Spanish version is planned but is not immediately available.

+ Frequent question: about post #1

We said in post # 1 that members of Potternetwork - Lumos Version (click here for an overview) will no longer be available on the new website. This is actually the case as explained in more detail on an item of Schedule February 2013. Potternetwork The complete architecture has been revised for this third version. It means that the treatments given will not be made ​​in the same way as before by different algorithms and security doors have been added to your freedom and your rights to your intellectual property. Please refer to this page (french), Parts III and IV if you want to know more about the future of your data.

It will be mandatory for everyone to re-register during the re-opening of Potternetwork.
+ The opening date will be announced in an article Blog Potternetwork in the coming weeks. 

You have a website, an association, a project, a role playing game ... Harry Potter?
Contact us here to learn about Magical Communities!

Unlike the official forums of Warner Bros. or Pottermore site, the Potternetwork project is non-profit and is an initiative of French fans. The project is open and accessible to all free and without advertising and improve especially with your feedback, your regular visits, and discuss your ideas!

So as you see, Potternetwork will be the most magical place to explore the entire universe of the Francophone Pottermania through rich and varied tools that will be regularly updated by the community itself !

Alohomora #3 coming soon.