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[EN] Alohomora #1: The history of Potternetwork !

Since February, we are working hard on the huge update Potternetwork that you're waiting with great anticipation. While the development is almost over and a series of private tests just began, we're launching a series of articles on the official blog of the social network to prepare you for this update (or new version) that we have called "Alohomora." Let's begin !

A long journey between "Lumos" and "Alohomora!"

The first version of the website was called (as the spell) "Lumos". The choice of this spell for the team had an important meaning. We embarked on a project that would request a daunting task even though we were very excited and had given our best and passion for the community. A new adventure would begin. And somehow, a new light would spring to give life to a whole new magical place.
We knew that the work would be long and complicated, but we would never hoped to achieve this great benefit to the community. You were in fact nearly 3,000 witches and wizards to be registered within 24 hours ! For the nostalgic, this is what looked like for the Lumos Version: lumos.png ! This version replaced the original Potternetwork project, here's a concept art available !

Many problems occured since the opening of Potternetwork (Lumos version). Many bugs have appeared over updates. We did not expect such interest from wizards and witches from the magical world but also from the muggle one. Servers had slowdowns, security issues have also been recognized and corrected quickly. Following this sequence of situations, we decided to start from scratch and thus to build the new version of Potternetwork (Potternetwork Alohomora).

This was the beginning of the project "Alohomora", the construction of the third version of Potternetwork! For weeks (then turned into several months), we exchanged our ideas and shaped the new world that was going to be created ... (take a look at this example). The choice of Alohomora spell has an important meaning as was the choice "Lumos" for the previous version. The doors of the new version will open actually beyond the Francophone community, the site will be translated into English ! The site will open at a time that we'll announce in one of the upcoming blog posts that will inaugure a whole new world that you'll like, we're sure !

The beginning of an adventure ... Potternetwork Alohomora!

With this new version, so we will start from scratch. For those who had an account on the Lumos version (which looked like this), you will be unable to login with your old username. For more information please go here (French) !